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$24.99 or $21.24 / month

Our Radically Chill CBD isolate disposable vape pens combine our proprietary hemp oil blend and state-of-the-art vape technology. This ensures an enriched vapor experience with maximal CBD intake per inhalation. Research has shown that when vaping CBD the body effectively absorbs 50-60% of the CBD contained in the vapor intake. In contrast, when ingested via capsule, the body absorbs an estimated 10% of the CBD.

Designed for hassle free consumption so you don’t have to worry about: charging, leaking, preparation or complex user functionalities. Our devices are ready to consume anytime and provide 250+ inhalations per device.

THC free, no-psychoactive or mind-altering effects!


    • Remove CBD isolate device from package.
    • Place inhaling end of device to your lips.
    • Inhale slowly for 2 – 3 seconds allowing your lungs to fill with enriched CBD vapor.
    • Retain vapor in lungs for 3 – 6 seconds, exhale and enjoy.
    • Use as needed.
    • Dispose of device when done.
  • Optimal CBD Vape Use:
    • To ensure your device always performs at its best we recommend consumers do not exceed:
    • 5 inhalations per minute; or
    • 4 seconds per inhalation.
125mg CBD Flavors:

Raspberry Riot, Happy Homo Honey Mango, Vanilla Latte Visibility, Watermelon Warrior


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